Zero Waste Digital Collection 

My IFP concept derived from my dissertation research. 

Proposing an innovative idea for fashion retailer Monki. I created a subsidary brand, Monki_adigitalworld. Offering solely digital fashion items that would be sold as photorealistic overlays, digitally tailored to fit the users selected photo. This providing a sustainable solution for fashion consumption by providing a zero-waste collection, cutting out the production of physical clothing entirely. 

• Branded and marketed a coherent new sub-brand.

• Developed a viable capsule collection, creating CAD illustrations.

• Collaborated with a 3D digital designer currently working in industry. 

• Prepared an insightful creative business plan, considering the concept, key drivers and brand values and objectives. 

• Identified key competitors 

• Conducted a SWOT analysis, identifying the USP.

• Considered all operations, ie; legalities, costs and marketing.

• Detailed a cash flow summary for all outgoing costs.

• Developed further outcomes, creating multiple concept videos and a  website-mock-up.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Achieved: First

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